The PROOF the undeniable PROOF!

July 17, 2008 at 9:54 pm (Ninjas, Pirates, Random) ()

So here is any and all proof you need that pirates>>>>ninjas
Pirates vs. Ninjas
(The pirates are in blue and the ninjas are that flat red line…a ratio of 1:0.06 haha)

And of course if you would like to help me show other people of the awesomeness that is pirates, head over to jinx and buy me this shirt.
Pirates greater than Ninjas!
I mean I do like ninjas….but pirates are way cooler.


  1. Christine said,

    I dunno, I think I’m still gonna have to go with ninjas.

  2. mark said,

    the only thing that means is that there are more horny little school girls who like johnny depp then their are people who look for a nameless ninja. Matter of fact because there are so little searches for ninjas, i know they are doing their job. Because if you find a ninja he will have to kill you.

  3. matEo said,

    PIRATES BLOW!!!!!!!!

  4. greencs said,

    you blow 😛 lol

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