July 18, 2008 at 12:52 pm (Video Games) (, )

I’m really excited about Final Fantasy 13 coming out. It’s written/directed by the same people that made the ds game (Revenant Wings) and Final Fantasy X. Also, the main character is a girl without all the backup characters being girls as well. The main character’s name is lightning. She’s apparently supposed to be a character similar to Cloud.

Oh also, I almost forgot that this game isn’t PS3 exclusive. Yay! I don’t know anyone I could mooch off of for their PS3 so this makes it even more awesome.

Edit: I just realized my comment about lightning being similar to cloud and it made me lol :).


  1. Christine said,

    I didn’t know it was made by the same people as X. Maybe it won’t suck ass like 12 did. =/

  2. greencs said,

    lol yep. Revenant Wings had a decent storyline for being a DS game so I have high hopes for it 😀

  3. mark said,

    i need to play this game, if i dont the world can explode. Except im going to play it like a real man. On the ps3

  4. greencs said,

    bah if you think the only people that are real men are the ones that shell out $600 for a game system lol then there’s something wrong with you 😉

  5. Cloudsgirl said,

    i heard the game wont come out till december 31 of 2009….THAT MAKES ME WANNA CRY…i guess i could do somthing else like…play Crisis Core again…but…i keep playing the Final Fantasys over and over again…and im actually getting bored with these ones…I NEED A GOOD GAME…and ideas….

  6. greencs said,

    That is bad news 😦 . I’ll have to see if that’s true or just rumors.

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