Dunna dunna dunna dunna BATMAN!!!

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Edit:  I’d like to ask all of you who are finding this on search engines.  What search engine do you use?

Post it in the comments…thanks 😀

In honor of Batman The Dark Knight coming out today…I’m gonna post some stuff about my favorite Batman show, Batman Beyond. The Dark Knight was an amazing movie, even though it was preempted by a preview for some dorky DC thing called Watchmen.
Batman vs. Spiderwoman
Uhm here is Terry…(the successor to Batman sometime in the future) fighting Spiderwoman.

Here he is again fighting some electrodude [Edit:  Actually Derek Powers, not electric but radioactive and the man responsible for killing Terry’s father.  I was rewatching the series and realized this.]. It’s a cool looking pic though.


  1. Ramsayman said,

    Dorky DC Thing named Watchmen? Have you been living in a cave? The Watchmen was one of the best selling graphic novels of all time. The movie should rock!

  2. greencs said,

    I don’t really follow DC comics besides Batman since I generally find them to be lacking in storyline. I also admit to being dorky so :). I’d really be more interested if something like Deadpool was coming to theaters cuz that isn’t as well known of a super hero.

  3. Daniel-Albert said,

    Well, it’s interesting to see how a character like Batman evolves from time to time, like in Batman Beyond for instance. Here we have an older Bruce Wayne incapable of pursuing his role of the Dark Knight, so he has to accept to pass the mantle of the bat to a younger man and he’s learning to trust him as he goes on. The Batman legacy taking place in a futuristic Gotham is a good idea, and the fact that Terry McGinnis – the New Batman – has his own problems, his questionning about right and wrong since his father died, is also a great idea since it brings this new character to a more human level, like closer to reality so to speak. We’ll see how the serial goes on but I think that it will live on and bring Batman to another level of comics readers, youngs and olds alike…

  4. greencs said,

    Yeah I agree that Batman Beyond has a really great storyline. It was definitely before it’s time for cartoons seeing as how it was 8-9 years ago when it came out. I’m rewatching the series now through Netflix and hopefully I’ll get through the whole series pretty quickly. I’m not sure if I’ve seen the whole thing but I’ll make sure to.

  5. Dwakey said,

    Wow, you dismiss Watchmen like some 2nd rate comic and then in return say you don’t follow other DC heroes because they lack in storyline?

    Watchmen was the revolutionary graphic novel series that brought serious writing into the comic book universe, like how “Batman: The Dark Knight” to the Superhero movie genre.

    Seriously, go read the Watchmen. Aside from the outdated visual designs you’ll probably fall in love with it.

  6. bob said,

    is that an episode where batman is fighting spiderwomen or did you just edit that pic

  7. greencs said,

    I didn’t edit the pic but someone else could have. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the show to remember whether he gets to fight Spiderwoman, but I don’t remember him ever doing so.

  8. Steve said,

    Found it on Google IMG Search when typing “Batman Beyond”…hope that helps lol

  9. Spike said,

    I wovld have to say that the Batman facing off with Spider-Girl, M2 vniverse, is from a comic or somebody’s artistic talent at comics showing.

  10. Spike said,

    Forgot to add this.
    Or it’s jvst an editing somebody did. My best gvess is that it’s either somebody’s work of art or somebody’s photoshop art lol

  11. Xelan101 said,

    It’s not spiderwoman. It’s actually spider-girl. She’s from an alternate universe in which spiderman lost a leg in his final battle with the green goblin. However, in this timeline his daughter survived, and around high school age she began exhibiting his powers.

  12. Glenn said,

    To clarify, the picture is from an article called “Last Man Standing” in Wizard magazine. Wizard is a magazine dedicated to comic books and related media, and Last Man Standing was a sort of “What If?” recurring article that pitted two popular superheroes or supervillains (who normally wouldn’t oppose each other) against each other and postulate who could possibly win the fight.

    Spider-Girl was May Parker, daughter to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and successor to the Spider-mantle in an alternate future. Peter has given up being Spider-Man after getting his lower leg blown off, and May begins developing her father’s powers when she becomes a teenager. FInding in the attic an old costume of one of the Spider-Clones (Ben Reilly, who was the Scarlet Spider and briefly took Peter’s place as Spider-Man until he died, prompting Peter to become Spider-Man again), May adopted the costume as her own and became Spider-Girl.

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