Where oh where is the Harry Potter Teaser?

July 20, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Movie, Random) ()

Ok so when there was a Harry Potter marathon at my house today I remembered that movie 6 should be coming out soon. I started looking up trailers and kept coming up with those STUPID fake ones that people waste their time with by combining the previous movies sounds and clips. Those really really bug me. I mean why bother?

But anyways I found a few articles saying that the 15s teaser was supposed to be before The Dark Knight movie on Friday but apparently it wasn’t. Now it’s supposedly before that c.g. Star Wars movie (bleh). But I did find a kind cool pic of the D.A. Also I found this hilarious picture of Luna Lovegood in specter specs.

Edit: I lied! I finally found this “teaser” that certainly didn’t show when I saw the batman movie but oh well. If you can’t hear it (cuz it took me a couple listens to) it says “Once again, I must ask too much of you Harry.” How clever… O_o



  1. Christine said,

    We were actually wondering that when we went to see Batman. The progress on Hogwarts at Islands of Adventure seems to be going smoothly. We’re hoping they’re not going to completely demolish this cool restaurant that looks like a tree, but it’s behind the construction fence, so who knows?

  2. greencs said,

    I’m kinda glad that this wasn’t shown in our theater because if it was I probably would’ve been mad lol. I would’ve been like wait what? What just happened? I mean it took me a few times to listen to it on youtube to hear what Dumbledore was saying. I’ll be checking the internet though once that Star Wars movie gets out to see if it’s available.

  3. Matthew said,

    Wow, that is a crappy trailer, boo people who suck.

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