Yay I’m a pink scooter!

July 22, 2008 at 7:12 pm (Movie, Random, Superheroes) (, , , , )

So Transformers 2 is called Revenge of the Fallen and it’s predicted to come out June 26, 2009. Pretty cool title I guess but really the only ones that “fell” were Jazz and Megatron and other nameless Decepticons. I really hope that Starscream comes back to be his usual double-agent self.
There’s supposed to be a lot more Transformers this time which is awesome. I get sick and tired of listening to those dumb army guys in the first one. I’d much rather have the whole movie with Transformers constantly duking it out. But I’m pretty sure Arcee is a confirmed transformer for this movie seeing as how it was rumored that she would be in the last one. Also it’d be my best guess that Hot Rod is going to be in this movie. Especially cuz Michael Bay said that he had to try and make Bumblebee less popular when Hot Rod was mentioned. I mean you kinda need that young hard-headed character lol.

Just because I love him. Here’s a pic of Transmetal Cheetor!

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Holy attention seeking whore Batman!

July 22, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Movie, Random, Superheroes) (, , , , )

So Christian Bale got arrested for abusing his mother and sister. Tsk tsk Dark Knight. He was released on bail sometime today. But, the police didn’t even put him in jail until sometime after the London premier of Batman on Monday night. He told people on that red carpet that being in a bat suit was so ridiculous that in order to stop himself from laughing he had to get into a dark state. Uhm hello? Isn’t that what everyone said Heath Ledger did to play the Joker? Seriously, I think someone is missing some of his usual attention. Very un-batmanlike of you sir.
Look at that emo kid.

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Summer “Yum”

July 22, 2008 at 10:54 am (Food, Random) (, , )

So last night I found out that one of my cats doesn’t like peanut butter ice cream and ones does. Go figure. It was ok ice cream but not as good as other flavors. Anyways I found these somewhat gross flavors today. There are some really odd ones in this list so check it out.

Some of my favorites the creepiest ones are:

Squid Ink (Uhm ok?)
Charcoal (Ugh this is like instant lung cancer lol)
Pineapple Shrimp (Come on….seriously)
Peanuts and Wine
Natural Viagra (I dunno if it’s just flavored or what but either way it’s scary)
Dracula Cool Garlic Mint (In case you have vampires after you and still want fresh breath)
Soy Sauce (Actually I might have to try it for fun)
Silk (It’s really made of silk, how strange)
Lettuce and Potato (Eww it’s like potato salad ice cream)
Hot Spring Water (Apparently it smells/tastes like farts so who would want to eat it?)

Squid Ink


















Dracula Cool Mint

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