Who wants some lavender toothpaste?

July 28, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Food, Random) (, , , , )

I found this site called Breath Palette that sells odd flavors of dental hygiene items. There are 18 flavors of toothpaste alone. I think I’d try the strawberry or the fuji apple flavor but definitely not the monkey banana or cola :P. They also have a flavor 0 that is pH-balancing that chefs use to cleanse their palates.

One of the other things they have available is a smoothie mouthwash to go. How cool is that? I’d love it if my mouthwash tasted like a smoothie :D. They also have zen water mouthwash and a sweet tooth toothpaste. I kinda wonder if this stuff doesn’t give you cavities instead of helping to remove them. But if it does work I’d love to use it. If you were wondering whether your mouth still smells like the flavor afterwards, it doesn’t because they’re all made with menthol to leave your breath fresh and clean.


  1. Christine said,

    That’s pretty random, I think I’d have to go with white peach maybe. Btw, I like the new site design, it’s cute!

  2. Christine said,

    P.S. Lol at my monster robot squid guy?

  3. greencs said,

    lol I like him..he’s random and I was getting pretty bored with the old site them cuz it’s too dark imo. I don’t have a lot of options with just the free site yet so I gotta keep it fresh šŸ˜€

  4. Matthew said,

    you have got to be kidding, people have too much bloody time on their hands, let’s figure out how to cure cancer, screw shiny toothpaste. Also I expect you to bring it with you when you come visit it so I can try some, tell Bill to get cola if you don’t like it.

  5. greencs said,

    lol uhm I dunno if I’ll get any cuz it’s from Japan

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