I want some Reeses Bats

August 1, 2008 at 10:57 am (Food, Movie, Random, Superheroes) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Currently there’s a big Batman the Dark Knight campaign going on with Reeses. I have finally confirmed that they do in fact sell bat-shaped Reeses cups (Thanks to one of my fave blogs) but I still haven’t gotten any yet. I’m going to the store today just to look for them.

There’s a customized Batman MV Agusta F4 being given away as the grand prize. It looks pretty awesome. There’s a gallery on the Reeses site of the Agusta in production. There are 5 Panasonic home theater systems being given away for the first place prize and 10 limited edition Joker henchman masks for the second place prize. Kitkats are eligible for the giveaway as well but I don’t think they have anything bat-shaped.


  1. Christine said,

    Dude, tell me if you find them! /drool

  2. Matthew said,

    That is a really lame fake bat shape, but it’s also really hysterical, and if I like Reese’s I would totally get some, but hurray for home theater system, that would be awesome, screw the death bike.

  3. greencs said,

    Yeah they definitely could’ve made the shapes better but I guess that money/time went into the bike, home theater system, and those masks. *shrug*

  4. Akcire29 said,

    we went to speedway and they said they threw them all out at the end of the month.

  5. greencs said,

    That makes me really sad 😦 *emoface* lol

  6. Personalized Mugs said,

    i have both DTS and Dolby Surround home theather system at home and the sound is superb -~.

  7. Electric Shower said,

    home theathers with 5.1 system sounds really great specially if you add those 12 inch subwoofers :*”

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