Montauk Monster Update

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A new picture of the Montauk monster was released on Friday. This new picture makes it seem like the 2nd picture takers rolled over the creature. Also, the legs seem to have been unbound by that small leather strap. This picture seems a little shady already because of the missing strap.

There are some things that do make a lot of sense about this picture though. The new picture definitely makes it look like a bloated, decomposed dog. On the underside where it was laying against the sand it’s not as dark seeing as how it was out of the sun. It also still has some fur on this side. There are 2 flies more visibly shown on this picture giving proof to its actual size being around that of a dog.

The Gawker and I are still not convinced along with many other people. A new interview with the 3 girls that were the “first” picture takers is also out. They show Plum’s Nick Leighton their camera with the picture in it and also the 2nd angle shot which is different than the rolled over pictures (That’s 5 pictures now including the new 3). The face looks different in these new pictures as well if you ask me. Nick Leighton also reveals that they’ve checked with several scientists who all think it’s neither a dog nor a raccoon (Still can’t believe you said it was a raccoon Jeff…). Anyways you can watch the interview for yourself and see what you think about it (And notice the dumb girls who supposedly took the pictures).

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Edit: Check out the newest Monty news here.

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Winglets look like fun!

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On Friday Toyota announced their new transportation device.  It’s called the winglet (I definitely like that name over the Segway).  It’s like a lighter version of the Segway seeing how the smallest version weighs only 22 lbs. and can be easily folded up to fit into a bag.  It can only go 3.7 mph vs. the 12.5 mph of the Segway as well.  This is pretty slow so maybe they’ll try to enhance the speed later while still keeping it as compact as possible.  It seems easier to control from the video because the people get the hang of it right away.  There are 3 sizes available currently and it looks like they’ll have a few different colors available as well.  I like the fact that you don’t need the handle to keep it upright and keep moving too.  Here’s some specs available for the current 3 models.

A lot of people are saying it’s the “Segway killer” but until it can move a bit faster I don’t think the Segway will become unpopular at all.  It definitely might get Dean Kamen thinking about ways he can improve upon his design.  But that’s it for the time being.

Here’s a video of it in action. It looks more like the girl is using rollerblades by how she’s moving. I like the idea of that versus steering with your hands like the Segway.

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