Montauk Monster Rumors

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[Edit: Since some people can’t read and like to jump to conclusions about my thoughts (without reading my other posts on the Montauk Monster I might add) I’d just like to say that I don’t whole-heartedly believe all of this. I’m just stating some interesting thoughts and possibilities about the matter.]

So there are a lot of rumors going around that Monty is just part of a big viral marketing campaign. I read an article on describing how they examined the video with the 3 girls talking to Plum Tv. Anyways Nicky (The owner of seems to think that it has something to do with the Cloverfield sequel. I think that this is semi-viable but it seems like it’s been too long. I would’ve thought that if it was a viral marketing scheme, a few days after it was released there would be teasers on tv or on the internet somewhere easily accessible. There could’ve even been a camcorder (or whatever they’re going to have the 2nd point of view be in the Cloverfield sequel) left with the creature. It all seems very fishy to me but the original Cloverfield had a huge amount of viral marketing. So maybe this is just them building up the excitement very early.

But there is good news. A replica of the Montauk Monster is now available on eBay. lol it’s about time! I’ve been waiting to buy my very own Monty T-shirt but nobody’s selling them. Maybe they respect him too much to put him on a T-shirt but I doubt it considering the spoof pictures that have been made using photoshop.

Just look at him, isn’t he cute? lol the winning bidder even has the option of adding more blood to him. How fun πŸ˜‰

Check out my previous Monty update here.


  1. Christine said,

    That is freaking hilarious. I kinda want to meet some of the people who’d buy that, but I think they might be scary. =/

  2. greencs said,

    lol I think they should make plushies. They would sell like hotcakes :D. I would buy one if it didn’t cost a lot πŸ™‚

  3. Gary Kuhn said,

    The Montauk Monster is ALF from the 80’s TV show. See the pics side by side on my blog at

    Its freakin’ ALF!

  4. Matthew said,

    Oh goodness, why would you buy that, though a plushie might be amusing. As for marketing it seems a bit early to be doing it, but hey, what else would we spend our money on, feeding the hungry, saving endangered species, it makes much more sense to create fake monsters months ahead of time to advertise a movie to make millions of dollars to go buy fake tans and hummers, and other things that bring people true happiness. I’d do it. Wait, that’s not true…

  5. Buffalo Joe said,

    The Montauk Monster is going to be in Splinterheads, it said so on their website.

  6. greencs said,

    If that is the official website of splinterheads (which I doubt) I would never see it whether it has a montauk monster or not. The website looks just like an easily made blog. Which leads me to believe it’s a total fake. O_o

  7. Heather said,

    thats wierd

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