Superman is gonna be emo now

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Warner Bros. has announced that they’re going to be making Superman not crappy this time around reintroducing Superman. It’s supposed to be a similar situation to how The Incredible Hulk was a replacement for Hulk. *sigh* I hope they do it right this time. We don’t need a box set of superhero movies that sucked coming out in the future. It’d be on “I Love the New Millennium” and I’d want to help make fun of it. Since Superman flopped in 2006 there is no Batman vs. Superman (It was originally planned for Christmas of this year or sometime in 2009) or Justice League movie (Thank goodness!) coming out for awhile. I’m think they’re trying to give people time to forget the last Superman movie in order to help build up hype for the new one later.

This time around Warner Bros. Pictures Group President “…wants his next pack of superhero movies to be bathed in the same brooding tone as ‘The Dark Knight.’ Creatively, he sees exploring the evil side to characters as the key to unlocking some of Warner Bros.’ DC properties.” By “DC properties” I think he meant making a good plot for the movie 😉 (You know like Marvel movies do except for that horrible horrible X-Men 3 movie where Cyclops got killed in the first 30 seconds for no good reason besides the fact that Brett Ratner wanted him to. I betcha Bryan Singer wishes he didn’t drop it to make Superman Returns now, but I digress.) How the heck do you show Superman as evil?
I’m betting they’re gonna:

A. Copycat The Dark Knight by killing off the love interest Louis Lane
B. Find some red Kryptonite like in Smallville and make sure it gets stuck in him somehow

Wasn’t Superman emo enough in Superman Returns? I guess not. I’m gonna look for some Kryptonite razor blades to give them so he can go cut himself to make the movie better this time around.


  1. Christine said,

    “I’m gonna look for some Kryptonite razor blades to give them so he can go cut himself to make the movie better this time around.”


  2. Matthew said,

    I do have to agree, the razor blade comment is classic, but seriously, it makes no sense to make Superman emo and broody like Batman, that’s just not his character, superman is supposed to represent all the hopes and dreams of a bright future and crap like that, it’s what he does. He’s a Hero, Batman is a vigilantly that doesn’t like bad guys.

  3. greencs said,

    Yeah I know, also what does Superman really have to worry about? He’s supposed to be freaking super all the time! Plus I don’t think you can really make that curly-q in his hair look emo. I’m sorry you just can’t. 😉

  4. Christine said,

    Sure you can, just shag it out and add some grease!

  5. greencs said,

    lol I guess, I mean they managed to make Spidey super emo just by letting his hair grow out a little haha

  6. alcamadus said,

    Darkseid. Bring in this villain, and Superman will have to rethink how he fights. But for the most part you are right, it seems ridiculous that they are making a darker Superman. Just write a good plot and get rid of Lex Luthor for once. Plus, get good actors and a good director.

    I think Warners is overlooking the genius of Christopher Nolan. No one liked The Dark Knight because it was dark, the liked it because it had a good story, good characters, and good acting. Sure, making it dark had some suspense, but I don’t think that’s the real reason why it was so successful.

  7. greencs said,

    Yeah, The Dark Knight seemed like it had a lot of things going for it.
    1. Good director
    2. Dark suspense
    3. Sadly Heath Ledger dying
    4. Drama from Jack Nicholson about not being asked to be the Joker
    5. People liked the first movie
    6. It was a summer movie

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