Who thinks Cher is still sexy?

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One of the less creepy pictures of her

One of the less creepy pictures of her

Ok so according to the British Telegraph newspaper Christopher Nolan wants Cher to play Catwoman as “a vamp in her twilight years”-Telegraph. This is worse than the rumors saying that Angelina Jolie was going to play Catwoman *shudder*. Shame on you Telegraph! Don’t start ridiculous rumors! First of all Cher is 62! Last time I checked Batman wasn’t into cougars and without the whole villain love interest, why bother introducing Catwoman at all. Batman needs someone to love now seeing as how Rachel Dawes isn’t in the picture anymore. He has a hard enough life chasing around crazies wearing masks. If Christopher Nolan picked Cher, I think Christian Bale would quit in protest to having to makeout with an old lady lol 😉 .

Also, any rumors starting now are most likely just that, seeing as how Christopher Nolan hasn’t even signed on to do a third Batman movie (even though I’m betting he will.) People are saying that the shock to this Cher news is similar to the shock of Heath Ledger playing the Joker but I don’t remember that many people whining besides Jack Nicholson (man did he look creepy as the Joker with all that face tape, I saw it on tv the other day). Going back to the whole Cher thing though, who would choose her to be sexy when they’ve had people like Halle Berry play the role. I guess that movie was pretty dorky but I blame that on the fact that the director was too interested in showing Halle Berry in leather to care about plot.

In every Batman series Catwoman has been good at stealing for another thing. If I owned a museum and a 62-year-old lady stole something from me and got away, I’d be pretty ashamed of myself. I guess Cher is a big enough hippy to be an animal rights activist worthy of the Selena Kyle title but without all the other things that make up Catwoman she really has no chance.

There’s also other rumors saying that Johnny Depp is going to play the Riddler. This I agree with. He’s just enough crazy to do that. (He killed people with shaving knives I mean come on! Speaking of which, I still haven’t seen that and I really should.) I really think it would be a good match for him as long as he strays away from the crazy that came with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Well, I’m guessing whoever plays who in the 3rd Batman movie will probably be good if Christopher Nolan directs it. He doesn’t seem to care too much about what people think of his choices and so far it’s made great movies.

This pictures is still not as creepy as how Cher looks everyday

This pictures is still not as creepy as how Cher looks everyday


  1. Christine said,

    Dude, if Christian Bale Batman and Catwoman Cher had babies, only elephants would be able to hear what their babies were saying!

  2. Christine said,

    Btw, you’re gonna make Matt cry-sauce.

  3. greencs said,

    lol Cher isn’t sexy, that’s all I have to say. I mean google her and look at the images, it’s so scary.

  4. Matthew said,

    Cher isn’t particularly sexy, but she is an icon. As far as playing Catwoman I think she could actually probably pull it off with a stunt double except her acting isn’t really that great. However, subsonic baby voices are totally true if Catwoman and Batman had babies when she played her, no one would every know what they were saying. Anyway, yes I love Cher, but nah, I don’t think she would be the best Catwoman, so no cry-sauceing.

  5. Jeff said,

    She would rock that role. She looks fantastic. Julie newmar in her day looked much older as did Eartha Kit. Great choice

  6. greencs said,

    Part of being Catwoman is being the young Selena Kyle that everyone lusts after but she’s not available for obvious reasons. Just because Cher looks fantastic for being 62 does not mean she looks fantastic in a Catwoman outfit. I think it would seem forced to have a lot of young actors wanting her when there are obviously better choices of actresses out there who I’m sure are willing to play the role.

  7. Amanda said,

    Cher is an icon. And whether people like the choice or not, it won’t keep fans of the Batman series from stopping to see it.

  8. sophosmoros said,

    “twilight years”

    Cher doesn’t have to look young. She just has to look like she was *once* young and sexy, which she does. She can absolutely rule the part of an aging, retired “vamp” Catwoman. I think it’s brilliant.

  9. greencs said,

    It doesn’t make any sense for her to be aging and retired. She’s supposed to be around the same age as Batman to be the villain love interest. Maybe if this were more like Batman Beyond she would be a good candidate but now she is too old for the part.

  10. Daniel Davis said,

    I am 17 and yes Cher is still Sexi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Daniel Davis said,

    I am 17 and yes Cher is still Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think she would make a good cat woman

  12. Sean said,

    Cher is wicked sexy.

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