I missed you Doc Connors!

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This is what I get for taking Friday off! I just found out that Spiderman 4 and 5 have officially been signed onto by director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire. There’s no word as of whether or not Kirsten Dunst has signed on yet but it would be no big loss to have to choose another redhead to fill the part. I’m good with a different Mary Jane since I was a big fan of the 1994 Spiderman tv series. She usually kicked Peter’s butt and got him to do stuff so it’d be a nice change of pace to see a girl do that to Tobey Maguire lol.

The better news is that people are starting to realize that you can’t make every superhero emo all the time. “…I’m told the filmmakers won’t be borrowing from the latest Batman installment because ‘Spider-Man is its own thing,’ one insider tells me. … The difference between Spider-Man and Batman is that Batman is duelling with a dark side of himself, and that’s not what Peter Parker’s struggle is. Peter Parker has no dark side himself. … Peter Parker’s struggle is about sacrifice.”-Nikki Finke’s Deadline Daily. Hooray! This means directors aren’t nearly as stupid as I was starting to believe. Also they’re trying to shoot 4 and 5 at the same time since it was so difficult to get everybody to sign back on. Smart thinking.

The best part of the news is the villain theories being thrown around. “Sony is taking its time officially hiring the movie’s villain since principal photography doesn’t start on Spider-Man 4 until next fall because of the recently postponed May 2011 release. I am told, however, that ‘once you find out who the villain is, you’ll know who’s playing it.'”-Nikki Finke’s Deadline Daily. People are definitely thinking Doc Connors is gonna transform into the lizard man for this movie. I would have to say that I’m really excited about the prospect of having him as the villain. I hope that the director would have to follow the actual Spidey storyline to get this to work out. If he did this, he’d have a plot for the 5th movie too (if you’ll remember how Spidey got all mutated and had 4 extra arms for awhile). Who saved him? Doc Connors! I’m going to need to find my sister’s paper mache lizard head and my mom’s old labcoat so I can run around in excitement (like I did when I used to watch the show).

Well I guess I’m giving you the worst news last but the good news above should outweigh it easily. Sony has hired some writers to start making Venom the movie. “Given that comic book artist/writer and action figure maker, Todd McFarlane, who is one of the creators of the Marvel villain, doesn’t think a Venom movie could do well with a villain as the central character,” I’m pretty sure Sony is going to regret their decision.-Nikki Finke’s Deadline Daily. Just because you have the costumes, it doesn’t mean you have to use them people. That’s like saying it was ok for Saban Entertainment (The people who made Power Rangers) to make The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog just because they had the styrofoam monster suits lying around (all they did was spray paint them different colors anyway 😛 ).


  1. Christine said,

    First of all… ROFL at the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Second of all, hurray for Dr. Connors! Although it’ll be just as weird as when Hank McCoy appeared in the first(second?) X-men and then was played by a completely different actor if they don’t pick the same guy to be Dr. Connors. And most confusingly, how will I know for sure when they pick the actor who the villain will be? I mean… if they pick a bald guy I guess it could be the Vulture. And a Kraven the Hunter actor might be obvious… I can’t think of any villainesses that are really big. Unless they did like evil Black Cat, but that would be pretty lame. Maybe the Rhino’s actor would be obvious, but really, a whole movie about the Rhino? =/

  2. greencs said,

    No, they said you’ll know who the actor will be once they pick the villain lol. They’re not just gonna pick some random villain actor and then be like guess who he’s playing 😀 .

  3. Matthew said,

    Um, yeah have to say loved Mystic Knights, that was awesome, so cheesy, and so wonderful. As for Spidey villian, I can’t say I’m all that partial, there aren’t any that I am so very attached to, not like Poison Ivy, but yeah, I dunno, Vulture would be hysterical, and uhh, sure, whatever. Though Hydro man or Electro would make for good special effects battles, mmmm, special effects battles…

  4. Christine said,

    Okay, well, now that I think about the villains, I can’t place any of them as a particular actor. -.-

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