The Penguin is a crappy villain

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This fake Riddler poster is very cool.

This fake Riddler poster is very cool.

Supposedly Michael Caine has been spouting off rumors that Seymour Hoffman will be playing the Penguin and that Johnny Depp will be the Riddler. Both actors have said that they haven’t even been contacted about the part. So unless someone is on vacation with Christopher Nolan and keeps leaking his secrets out, it’s probably not true. Everyone has heard of the Johnny Depp Riddler rumor and a lot of people are excited about it (I certainly am). I don’t like it when people stereotype Johnny Depp as a bad actor just because he has a lot of fangirls after him; because he is a good actor. I definitely agree that he’s the perfect crazy to play the Riddler. Enough about that though, because I highly doubt Christopher Nolan would even use the Penguin in his movies much less hire Seymour Hoffman to play the part.

Christopher Nolan loves to go into the psychosis of each character in his Batman movies. Two-Face lost the love of his life and got his face scorched up, the Joker is so messed up that he can’t even remember what screwed him up in the first place, and Batman is constantly battling with the belief that he’s responsible for his parents’ deaths and must avenge them somehow. The only bad thing that happened to the Penguin was that he was made fun of as a child for being a fatty, oh that and being a rich spoiled brat. What a poor life for the little guy 😛 . Even Wikipedia says that “Unlike most of the Batman villains, the Penguin is in control of his own actions and perfectly sane..”-Wikipedia. The penguin is just a smug villain that thinks he has the right to rob people because he was picked on when he was little. I highly doubt Nolan will think that makes him evil enough to justify using him as the main villain in Batman 3. Even if Nolan chose to use the Penguin I doubt he’d use Seymour Hoffman because personally I couldn’t look at that guy and think he was creepy at all. He just seems jolly to me.

If you need more reason to think that the Penguin isn’t a very good villain, he was as much of a momma’s boy as you can be. The whole reason he carries the umbrella around is because she was always worrying the he would die of pneumonia just like his father. He’s also supposedly a genius, but every time I’ve seen him, he seems just really conceited and stupid. His nickname is supposedly either from the fact that he used to have a limp in the storyline due to a hip ailment or because he really liked birds. He was that creepy antisocial boy at school who talked to birds (probably pigeons seeing as how he lived in the city, gross). That might scare me a little but other than that, he’s just a crappy villain. Enough said.


  1. thebrownshaun said,

    I completely agree with you on many points. People are so quick to believe what they read on gossip rags like perezhilton (you’d be surprised how many people came up to me believe that cher rumor).

    If the main focus were on Penguin, that’d be pretty lame and would certainly not fit with the villains of the previous films. But I would definitly like to see maybe a cameo appearance or be given some indication of his existence in the Nolan universe aside from the Iceberg Lounge ad from The Gotham Times.

    Check out my blog, I’ve written a lil on these rumors and extensively on thoughts for Batman 3, particularly concerning Robin and the villains.

  2. thebrownshaun said,

  3. Christine said,

    Hmmm, totally missed the Iceberg Lounge thing, but then again, I’m not so much of a Batfan.

  4. Matthew said,

    I wanna say that part of fatty’s trauma was also that his hands were funky shaped and he got made fun of for having flippers, but I’m not sure if that was just my imagination or just the cartoon or what. *Shrug* He would be boring though. I want POISON IVY, and not played by some hack like Uma Thermon, I want a good one, and I want her to be crazy, and brilliant and vicious, I also wouldn’t complain if she was fairly attractive, but not completely necessary.

  5. Matthew said,

    Also I hate Seymour Hoffman, gah, I have never like him in any movie I’ve seen him in, as my mother would say, he’s smarmy.

  6. Ben said,

    Matthew, Have you seen Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead? Hoffman was superb in it.

  7. Matthew said,

    I suppose I should point out I don’t have any objection to his acting talents, however every character he has ever played has essentially made my skin crawl, which may make him a better actor, but still smarmy.

  8. Tim said,

    Johnny Depp as the Riddler would be amazing, he is one of the actors that could pull off that kind of role.

    As to the Penguin, I think that if they used the same or similar back story from Batman Returns it would work, and I don’t care what anyone says, Danny DeVito was an amazing Penguin, if they could get him to do it again, i think it would work really well

  9. Oswald Cobblepot said,


  10. Cam said,

    Pigeons or Penguins Mr. Cobblepot?????? (as mentioned above) Maybe the new villain could be: The Pigeon. He just flys around and shits on everything. hahaha. He would be a crappy villain.

    • Oswald Cobblepot said,

      Urgggh! I HATE PENGUINS!! You just dont know about chemistry do you my dear boy? With an accelerated process theres alot of explosive stuff you can do with the feces of a pigeon!

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