My own little rumor

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I’m going to start my own little rumor today. I’ll pet it and feed it and take care of it lol. Anyways with all of the rumor mongering going on about Batman 3, I’d like to propose some people that I think should show up in the next Batman. First of all I’d really like to see Harley Quinn show up. The first person I thought of that could play her was Natalie Portman. I’d like to see her go a little crazy, more so than she did in V for Vendetta at least. I think it would definitely be a challenge for her seeing as how so many people see her as that happy little girl even though she’s 27 now. I could see Natalie working at the Arkham Asylum and either feeling sympathy for the Joker or being tricked into letting him out. Supposedly they shot enough film of Heath Ledger to have the Joker in the 3rd film so who knows. You can do a lot with computer graphics now. Speaking of which, I’d love to see a Nolanverse rendition of Harley’s outfit. It would definitely have to be slinky and it needs the cute joker hat I think. The makeup should be updated too. If my computer was working, maybe I’d try to make something with Photoshop but alas, it’s not. Oh and a warning for anyone who tries to look up pictures of Harley, do not google image search harlequin. Just trust me on this 😦 .

I was reading a cool blog yesterday and realized that I too would love to see Robin in the next film. There’s also a very cool drawing of a Robin suit on there that you should check out. (You should definitely read the full article because it’s got some good plot ideas.) He needs to be played by someone fairly young, at least young enough so he looks younger than Christian Bale (hopefully Nolan is smart enough not to repeat The Mummy 3’s mistake geez 😛 ). He should definitely be a teenager so Batman can mentor him (he shouldn’t be like 10 because that would make Christian Bale seem a little creepy lol). He should have to make the transformation to Robin like how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in the first film. Also, Robin should be buff enough (If Tobey Maguire can do it, so can you!) to be a gymnast since he used to be one before his parents were killed.

Robin’s suit needs to be redesigned too because he can’t be that stealthy in a bright red costume with a green cape. Also, I don’t want any more nipple suits like in Batman and Robin (thankfully the good people at Topless Robot remember and agree with me). I’d like the design of Robin’s costume to be more similar to Nightwing’s outfit in build but obviously not blue (that and he’s not allowed to have a mullet like I’ve seen some Nightwings have *shudder*). It should be a dark red similar to the Batman and Robin outfit. If they’re smart they would use the design of Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond to go off of. He’s smaller than Batman and the Batsuit looks really cool on him with the red bat logo. It could easily be modified to be Robin’s new outfit. Also going along with that, Batman Beyond would be a great story to use in introducing Robin. They both have similar ways of meeting Batman except for the fact that not both of Terry’s parents were killed. I also think this would be a great way to end the Batman series in the future. Start out with Batman being old and retiring. It would be a great movie in my opinion.

Seeing all those criteria I listed for Robin, I can’t think of an actor that quite fits yet. Also Shia Labeouf can’t be Robin!. I hope nobody gets that idea in their head because although he can be anxsty, that is not all it takes to be a dark Robin. Also, I could never see him and Christian Bale hanging out. It would just make me laugh too much. That’s all for my current theories about the next Batman movie.


  1. Christine said,

    I lol’ed when I saw that you’d searched harlequin. But I kinda like that dark red robin suit.

  2. greencs said,

    Originally I was like James Marsden has the face and build of a Robin, but more like Nightwing I guess since he’s older 😀 . I do really like that dark red Robin suit too though 🙂 .

  3. Matthew said,

    Harely would be cool, but I’m not sure I would be all that excited, I love Harley in the cartoon, but I, even then, don’t really love the Joker so much. I realize that he is the quintessential Batman villain, and I certainly won’t argue that the Dark Knight was well written and directed at all, but I do love a bit of unrealistic cartoonyness to my Batman, like in the super old movie where Joker put stuff in the water to make everyone smile like him, it was quirky and almost believable, where as the Dark Knight was great, and very believable if any random psycho could get their hands on the nessicary materials, but so very normal. Meh, I guess my point just is without being bouncy and happy in a bright red suit and being dark broody psycho Harley, who would inevitably get killed by Joker in the end, or on accident during some random happenstance, I just might not love her as much. *Shrug*

  4. thebrownshaun said,


    Thanks for the linkage. I think Robin should be an unknown actor. If WB is lucky they can find some young talented actor the way they did Daniel Radcliffe. Shia LeBeauf is so overrated. A lot of people are just so quick to assign him any teen role. . .

    Hmm, I dunno if I’d wanna see Harley Quinn in a movie without the Joker being a main character. I wouldn’t mind a lil nod to the fans that she in fact exists in the Nolan-universe (perhaps we see someone working at Arkham with a nametag that says “Harleen Quinzel”). As for casting, I came down to actresses that have played sorta crazy/high strung roles before: Brittany Murphy, Evan Rachel Wood, and the blonde chick from Planet Terror. . . can’t remember her name.

    Where did you hear about that Heath extra-footage rumor?? That would definitly be cool if they can find someway to incorporate that. . . but Nolan is opposed to heavy computer use so who knows.

  5. greencs said,

    That would be really cool if they got lucky like in Harry Potter. Like I said, I can’t think of any young actor that could pull it off atm.

    I think it was originally the plan to keep the Joker as the main villain in Batman 3 but I can’t say for sure. I meant that Harley would come to support him and help in his plans to destroy Batman, not be the main villain herself.

    I’ve actually heard the extra-footage rumor a lot over the internet but it could just be hopeful wishing of fans. I don’t think Nolan would disapprove of that kind of computer use, seeing as how it’s not being used to enhance something to the point of being unreal.

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