Deadpool is gonna shank you!

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Due to the fact that Fox’s films sucked so bad this summer, they are thinking about either doing more X-men related movies or having another Daredevil film. I hope they don’t do another Daredevil film because the first one was cheesey enough. Please hire some good directors and writers Fox. Also, stop killing off all of the X-men in your movies. Just a thought here, but maybe just maybe, people don’t like it when their favorite characters die! Seriously, Cyclops was a commonly loved character and there was no reason for him to die off so easily. If they were gonna have the Phoenix kill him, why not have it in the end of the movie? You already paid James Marsden, why not keep him around for a little bit longer? Atleast they brought back Scott in the Wolverine movie. It says that he is being played by Tim Pocock instead.

Apparently Gambit is showing up in the Wolverine movie too. He’s being played by Taylor Kitsch. It’s sad when the guy who played Cyclops is more rugged looking than the guy who plays Gambit 😦 (Gambit was rugged when he was like 12 come on people! lol). I think whenever the next superhero movie is made, the producers should just go hire a group of 10 nerds to help out the writers or at least piss them off lol.

Oh but the good news from Fox is that apparently Deadpool is going to show up in the coming Wolverine movie. The Wolverine spot is just an introduction though. Fox plans on making its very own Deadpool movie. The bad news is that he’s being played by Ryan Renolds. Now, I like Ryan Reynolds. I think he’s a funny guy (I guess he could play the goofy side of Deadpool). I just don’t think he can pull off the full badassery that is Deadpool. I honestly couldn’t see him killing anyone, much less without caring about it. Also, he’d better bulk up because Deadpool isn’t a scrawny guy. He needs to be big enough to beat the crap out of people easily. I guess we’ll find out what he can do in the Wolverine movie. I hope he ends up kicking Wolverine’s ass before they buddy up because we all know Wolverine can’t defeat anyone alone 😛 . Fox should hopefully let the reviews from Wolverine come in before hiring on Ryan for the actual Deadpool movie. That would be the smart thing to do but hey why would they do a thing like that?


  1. Christine said,

    I must say that that picture is hilarious. Totally a great one-pic representation. I can see that they have for some reason replaced Gambit with a 19-year-old underwear model, but I suppose it could be worse. At least he’s not being played by Shia LeBeouf. I’m gonna hold my skepticism on the actor pick for Deadpool, but I dunno about giving Deadpool his own movie… I mean, I love the guy, but it sounds like another shoe-in as a Catwoman or Daredevil. *Sigh*

  2. greencs said,

    You have to remember that Gambit and Scott are gonna be younger in this movie since it’s X-Men Origins or at least that’s why I think they picked babyface actors for both of them 😀 .

  3. Matthew said,

    YAY, it’s BERG! As far as I am concerned Ryan Renolds will never live down Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, but hey, it was a great show so why should he. I know nothing about Deadpool, but I think he could buff up sufficently, and we all know I am always up for watching Wolverine get his butt handed to him, cause he’s boring and overrated. As for tiny Scott and random actor who has never been in anything before *shrug*, there is nothing really in the whole movie that interests me to begin with, so que sera. I want a Storm movie, but no Hallie Berry, just because. Though, I don’t really want a Storm movie, cause it would make me sad cause it would suck, I know it would *cry*

  4. thebrownshaun said,

    Apparently his face isn’t scarred and he doesn’t wear the mask. Hopefully there is some transformation and by the end of the movie he is!

  5. greencs said,

    I hope he wears the mask 😦 . It would be so disappointing if he wasn’t scarred at all. He’s constantly getting injured during his fights and those scars are reminders of what he’s had to do.

  6. Christine said,

    And if he doesn’t have scars, he’s just Wolverine without the claws and fancy skeleton. =/

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