Celebrities jumping on the Superhero bandwagon

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If you thought the rumors of Will Smith as Captain America were weird, I’ve got some surprises for you. First on the list is the fact that Brendan Fraser was supposedly almost Superman in Superman Returns. You can read part of Brendan’s interview here and the playable interview is here. He says a lot about how he was really excited to be Superman and how all the rest of the people who tried out for it were supposedly nobodies from soap operas and other such things. He also says that he saw the script written by J.J. Abrams and that it was amazing. Abrams was responsible for producing Cloverfield which was a decent movie but I wouldn’t say it was amazing script wise. Anyway Brendan could’ve played Superman but I don’t think he could’ve been serious about it. The emo script of Superman Returns would’ve been even weirder with Brendan Fraser as Superman. He acts pretty silly in most of his roles so he would’ve had to chill out and that’s probably one reason he turned it down (if he was offered it in the first place). Also I think a bigger nerd should’ve played the part.

The 2nd thing on the list of superhero insanity is David Boreanaz playing the Green Lantern. If I needed any more reason to hate the Green Lantern, than this is definitely it. I don’t know what WB was thinking on this one (other than the fact that a million teenage girls will go to see it in hopes of seeing him shirtless). Why not pair an obnoxious superhero with a bad soap opera level of acting (nothing could go wrong right)? Also, despite the fact that recently in most the Green Lantern stories he’s been black, they’re using someone who’s decidedly not black (I bet you Will Smith is mad 😛 ). I guess I have to give David the fact that he’s already played the Green Lantern. All I know is that I’m definitely not going to see that movie haha.

Who me?  I'm not being totally obvious, no not at all!

Who me? I'm not being totally obvious, no not at all!

Ok last on the list is the fact that there’s a rumor going around that Eva Longoria wants to be in the Avengers. This is because she was photographed leaving the offices of Marvel Comics with an Avengers comic and business card held in her hand. The photos look really staged as if maybe she wanted people to see her (but a celebrity would never try to get undeserved attention, no of course not). Anyway people are speculating that she wants to be the Wasp seeing as that’s the only original female Avengers character. I haven’t heard anything about this movie so I’m betting nobody is even trying to make it yet, although I’m sure concepts for a female superhero movie are being thought about (seriously what do geeks love more than a superhero, one with boobs). I could totally see her as a Wasp in real life, you know being annoyingly buzzy trying to get you to watch Desperate Housewives. People are forgetting the other Avengers females that have popped up sporadically throughout the years though. It’s actually a pretty long list and here it is just for you. These are only the confirmed members; there are still more that have questionable membership.

What do you mean you want someone who can act?

What do you mean you want someone who can act?

Scarlet Witch
Black Widow
Ms. Marvel/Warbird
Invisible Woman

Personally I think Eva would better be suited to play the Black Widow, you know the superheroine most known for her man-eating powers lol. I’m sure Eva would love to seduce Robert Downey Jr. 🙂 . Also, I’d just like to point out how many females on the list have either bug or bird related names (not to mention those with female attributions). Seriously comic writers need to be more creative when naming their characters (I must say, I do like the name Sersi though 😀 ).


  1. messi said,

    Huh? Do you even read comics? The Main Green Lantern since 2004 has been Hal Jordan ‘THE’ Green Lantern, who is white. Before that for almost a decade it was Kyle Rayner who was also white. Not John Stewart the black Green Lantern. His main appearance has been in the JL cartoons and justice league comics.

    Second, Green Lantern since 2004 has been written by Geoff Johns who reinvented the character and the myth turning it into the new Star Wars, it’s the reason people say that it’s the best book out now and one of the top 5 books of the decade. The Sinestro Corps War storyline from last year is quite possibly the greatest superhero story ever and one of the best stories ever in general, next to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, take your pick.

    David Boreanz is wrong but Green Lantern is not. A proper Green Lantern movie would be the next Star Wars.


  2. greencs said,

    I love it when people don’t read through my posts and then jump down my throat for sharing my opinions on things. Green Lantern would not be the next Star Wars in any way especially if it had a two-bit actor like David Boreanaz. Also, I said most of the RECENT Green Lanterns have been black. Nobody ever said all of them had been black.

  3. Christine said,

    Lmao off the first post right now… Be back with comments later.

  4. Christine said,

    Anyhow, so I totally think Eva should play Moondragon. That’d be hilarious. But I’m surprised that she’d want to be a female Avenger (if she does) because really, I mean, how much love do any of these heroines get? Maybe she’ll get like 20 minutes of movie-time, maybe… I was shocked at how much screen-time Jessica Alba got in the Fantastic Four, even though she’s a main character. Anyhow, I’d also just like to say that comparing Green Lantern comics to being the next Star Wars really isn’t that much of a compliment, because the last four haven’t been so great. I might even be MORE interested to see a Green Lantern movie, and I don’t even think Green Lantern has an interesting character concept.

  5. Matthew said,

    Wow, the next Star Wars eh, I hope not for Marvel’s sake, those last couple were craaaaaap. Anyway, Green Lantern is somewhat interesting, and I think a movie could be good. I really don’t know much about him so I couldn’t say if some one cheesy like Angel would be okay playing him, but meh. Also Eva is not such a bad actress, and again I know next to nothing about Wasp so I couldn’t make that much of a comment, but she generally does a decent job at acting, she is just always pretty, not her fault. Oh speaking of people who can’t act or at least more than a single repeated charatcer, please no to another Will Smith movie, I don’t even really like Cap, but please no, even I wouldn’t wish that on the people who do.

  6. greencs said,

    lol I haven’t seen that much of Eva personally but I thought it was a funny tagline to put on that outrageous looking picture of her with her jaw jutting out 😀 .

  7. Matthew said,

    It is amusing if nothing else.

  8. Matthew said,

    Yeah, and that one picture with the comics, definatly not posed at all, or airbrushed, or editted, or shot about 6 times

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