Disney is so “creative” sometimes

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Disney is making an adventure movie set in space. Everyone is thinking it’s going to be a Tomorrowland/Space Mountain movie or a rip-off of Star Wars. Oh yeah and it’s starring The Rock. Now, Disney is of course denying any rumors that it’s based off of Space Mountain or any part of their park. But come on, what else could it be? They’ve already ripped off of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (which was good because they actually got talented actors) and the Haunted Mansion ride (which was one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen). I’ve also heard rumors that Meet the Robinsons was supposed to be their version of Tomorrowland and that it was a good movie (seeing as how I still haven’t seen it I wouldn’t know….sad really). So maybe it will be “creative” but I’ll only say that if turns out to be good.

Personally I hope they don’t try and rip-off a whole section of their park into a movie because then when little kids run to Disney to see Tomorrowland, they’re going to be really confused. Both Pirates and the Haunted Mansion weren’t really like their ride counterparts and I’m sure some obnoxious little kids kept waiting for Jack Sparrow to pop up even though he never would. Personally, I was happy when I rode both the Haunted Mansion and Pirates rides and found out that neither of them had changed even after the movies were released. I was shocked that Disney didn’t try to mutate the original rides into something new (and if they try to do that to Space Mountain somebody is getting hurt). Disney had better realize that Pirates was only good because of the story, script, and actors they chose to play the parts (not just because people were nastalgic because that obviously didn’t help them with the horrendous Haunted Mansion movie). So hopefully they are telling the truth and they don’t just try to make some sappy space movie based off of their park with The Rock as some little kid’s “funny” dad that ends up saving the day. After all, they did make Wall-E really good with hardly any speaking roles, so they could do it again right?

P.S. after posting this picture, I’m having withdrawals from the ride 😦 .


  1. Christine said,

    Um… sorry to burst your bubble, but Jack Sparrow is in Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride) like, at least three times. And Davey Jones is in it. They changed the Haunted Mansion a little, but you’ll have to ask Ericka about it, since I didn’t go. I don’t think it has much to do with the movie though (thankfully). Also, Meet the Robinsons was already their TomorrowLand movie. It actually has Space Mountain in the backdrop. But, I wouldn’t put it past them to make another one.

  2. Matthew said,

    Well, I would agree that basing it off a ride/part of the park isn’t a brilliant plan, they did however add Jack Sparrow to the Pirates ride, nice try though. The Haunted Mansion thankfully I don’t think was at all impacted by that tragedy of cinema, but they did update it recently, so that may be cool. *Shrug*

  3. greencs said,

    WTH why did they add Jack Sparrow? See he wasn’t in it after the first movie came out so I thought it was safe 😦 . Is it completely obvious that they added him or does it look natural? Also, the Haunted Mansion came out 5 years ago so I doubt the recent changes have anything to do with that flop. I need to watch Robinsons still 😛 .

  4. Christine said,

    He’s obviously Jack Sparrow, but he blends well with the ride.

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