Johnny Depp must really like hats….

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This is so very disturbing....

This is so very disturbing....

Well he must have to love hats and weird hair since he’s been through a lot of both in his movies. First you have Pirates, in which he has the weird braids and he wears an amazing pirate hat. Then you have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where he wears the big purple top hat. Even as a cartoon Johnny Depp has an insane batch of emo bangs that constantly poke out in the Corpse Bride. He’s got the weird skunk hair in Sweeney Todd (and he was ya know the demon barber) and finally he’s going to be the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland.

This Alice in Wonderland will be live action with an unknown actress named Mia Wasikowska playing Alice. There’s some pictures here of Alice and she looks like she’s on a boat; which I’m sure has fans freaking out since I’ve heard this part isn’t in the book. I wouldn’t be too worried if I was a fan of the book though, seeing as how Tim Burton is slightly insane an amazing director and Johnny Depp always acts good in his films (yet more proof of their love for each other lol). I’m looking forward to it since it seems like it will be a lot more interesting than the cartoon version. I hope it’s full of a good deal of insanity (let’s just hope there’s no more cross-dressing Johnny Depp) seeing as how you’re adding up both Alice in Wonderland (greatest stoner dream of all time) and Tim Burton. Anyway it’s due to release on March 5, 2010 in the US.


  1. akcire29 said,

    dude Helena Bonham Carter and johnny depp get all the crazy parts! but in this movie she won’t be set on fire like in Frankenstein and sweeny todd 😛

  2. Christine said,

    Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = Bizarro’splosion!

  3. Christine said,

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    Johnny Depp Signs On For ’Pirates 4’ – Movie News Story

    Zomg nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Matthew said,

    That sounds hysterical. “I love hats.” Tim Gunn.

  5. akcire29 said,

    funniest thing ever, tim gunn saying “holla at cha boy!”

  6. Tim Burton <3 Johnny Depp for sure « grey fuzz said,

    […] « Johnny Depp must really like hats…. | […]

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