Being the Chosen one gets you chicks apparently

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There’s a new international trailer out for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It is short by it’s still pretty cool. Make sure you watch this trailer quickly before WB yanks it off of youtube again (and also before you read this as it contains spoilers). You get to see Dumbledore and Harry entering the cave where the locket is, and you get to see more of Dumbledore facing off against the Inferi. The original trailer is embedded in this one in the middle, which shows you just how crappy and short it really was. Harry also is running through a field towards a house that’s on fire, which I’m pretty sure is the Gaunt shack, but who knows. Ron gets kissed by a pretty busty Lavender Brown, which I’m sure will make all of the fan girls uber jealous. We get to see more memory tubes as well as Slughorn sucking the memory out of his head in order to give it to Harry (I’m excited to see how the lucky potion scene will turn out in the movie). Dumbledore reveals that Harry is “The Chosen One” which I’m sure is going to excite all the lame people that haven’t actually finished the books. The best part of the trailer is at the end though. Some random girl is oggling Harry and he oggles back until Hermoine yells at him saying that “she’s only interested in you because you’re the chosen one” and he says “But I am the chosen one” and she smacks him with a rolled up paper. It’s pretty great and makes the really fast cut scenes in the rest of the trailer worth it. Oh and btw SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE lol.


  1. Christine said,

    “Oh and btw SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE lol.”

    Lmao! I’m glad you pointed out what some of those things were, cause I totally forgot… I guess that book made that much of an impression.

  2. Christine said,

    Agggggh! Just saw a Twilight commercial on TV! It burrrrrnnnnnneeeeeddddd! /clawsouteyes.

  3. greencs said,

    lol yeah I’ve seen a couple. It looks really bad and I swear it’s like sudo-teen porn when she’s making out with him in her boy shorts XP.

  4. Christine said,

    That’s because it isssssssssss! I mean, come on, the guy sneaks into her room at night, while her dad (a cop, lol) is home.

  5. Matthew said,

    Yeah, I totally only remembered the cave in all of that, oh and I knew what the shack was, but that was it, perhaps I should read the book again some time *shrug*. I do love me some Hermione abuse though, she is great, even if she likes Harry who is kinda of a douche. It should be an amusing move though.

  6. Klyp said,

    I would totally be her chosen one.

  7. akcire29 said,

    what’s the random part with ginny in the marshes or whatever?

  8. greencs said,

    I don’t remember

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