I’m so proud of you David Yates

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So here’s yet another Harry Potter trailer and it looks like the Half-Blood Prince movie may actually follow the plot of the book. Maybe David Yates has run out of creative thinking or maybe he just realized that the reason people like the books is because the story is good and he shouldn’t keep messing with it 😛 . Anyway the trailer looks very promising and it shows a lot of Harry and Dumbledore on their excursions (which I would hope it would considering that’s what mainly happened in the book, even though in the 3rd movie the Firebolt didn’t even show up until the end and there was no winning the Quidditch Cup). Just their apparition alone is very cool looking. The trailer also gives a better introduction to Horace Slughorn for those people that are too lazy to read the books still. It also looks like the part where Ron eats the cupcakes filled with love potion will be hilarious. Harry-“Alright fine you’re in love with her, have you ever actually met her?,” Ron-“No…..could you introduce me?” Who wouldn’t laugh at Ron being all crazy pants for some random girl that he doesn’t even know? It also looks like they’re actually going to have Ron get poisoned from drinking Slughorn’s wine too. It’s so impressive that Yates managed to use a whole scene from the book without changing it lol.

Anyways, I’m also really excited about getting to see the memories of Dumbledore meeting Riddle and the ministry man meeting Marvolo Gaunt (at least I hope this memory is in the movie). We also get to see some Quidditch action again and it looks like we’ll actually get to see Ron doing a good job as the Keeper. Another interesting thing in the trailer are Luna’s fun Specter Specs. They’re really fun and glowy. We also see Hermione wearing something strange in the movie and she looks like she’s about to cry so I’m not sure if that’s Ron-Lavender drama or what’s going on there. There’s also sudo Harry and Ginny smooching in this trailer which I’m sure will make all the fan girls either happy or extremely jealous (even though it’s of a fictional character *sigh*). The last things we see are Harry yelling at Snape (the Half-Blood Prince himself) and telling him to “fight back you coward” as well as a bridge being ripped to pieces (which I’m guessing is the one that Muggle Engineers would freaking out about in the book). This trailer looks like the movie is definitely going to be amazing. I’ll just say it again, I’m proud of David Yates for leaving good things alone!


  1. Christine said,

    I haven’t even read this yet, and I’m just going to say that the picture at the beginning of this video totally makes me think of That 70’s show.

  2. greencs said,

    lol yeah I guess it does…Ron does look stoned in the trailer 😀

  3. Christine said,

    Seriously, it would be nice to have a book just simply turned into a movie for once. Also, I’m thinking the weird Hermione clothes are a quidditch fan outfit.

  4. greencs said,

    hmm that’s possible 🙂

  5. klyp said,


    Not a fan either way. Go level.

  6. akcire29 said,

    have you seen malfoys hair cut its special

  7. Tenel said,

    Well, come to think of that Ron does look like he’s one of That 70’s show gang in
    The primary shot above.
    I thought the trailer was hilarious, and epic, and yes-finally- so close to the book.
    Although on one of the sites that I’m relentlessly reading lately (hence I can’t possibly identify) I read that “the secret book Harry finds holds the secrets of Voldemort”.
    Let’s hope that it is just some random misunderstanding of someone who never read the books, and had to put up some synopsis quite pronto. Or that it is just a case of a shortcut in thinking (book that belonged to…, who is connected to…, and knows about his past). I really do hope it is so.
    Ask the higher Powers or do your magic people, but let it not be true.

    On the brighter side I just love Hermione smacking Harry over with the paper.
    The whole scene is so funny.

  8. greencs said,

    Wow it’s probably just the potions book that belonged to Snape and he thinks it’s Voldemort’s or something stupid in the movie. Hopefully it is just stupid fan mongering and they continue to keep the movie just like the book like you said. I definitely love the part where Hermione hits Harry as well and I’m looking forward to more great things like that in the movie too :D.

  9. Matthew said,

    Wow, it had been forever and I guess I hadn’t read this one yet. The trailer does look fun, and I am always all about Hermione hitting Harry, so WOOTS.

  10. Emily said,

    Hello my name’s emily I love daniel radclifffe and a emma watson more other actors

  11. afterharrypotter said,

    Your No 1 Resource for Children’s Books Run Entirely by Kids

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