Ok so instead of a big thing about me I’m gonna post some links and stuff I like here.
I like to play http://www.gaiaonline.com/ cuz it’s pretty entertaining as long as annoying people aren’t bugging you for gold all the time. I recently got addicted to a game called Ponystars cuz of Christine. http://www.ponystars.com/. It’s very depressing though cuz you’ll notice that if you play it, it’s really hard to get stupid traits from breeding. AGH! *rant rant*, finally got one though 😀 . I like to play the Sims 2 cuz it’s fun to play and you can just stop whenever since it’s ongoing. I like to play WOW a lot…like addicted a lot but it’s hard to during the summer while I’m working :(. Like I said, I’ll probably play through Final Fantasy xiii once it comes out but who knows when that’ll be.
As far as webcomics go I read xkcd.com, ctrl alt delete, vgcats (when it updates), questionable content, the dreamland chronicles, bear and kitten, and chainsawsuit.
If you’d like to subscribe to my rss via google reader click here. 😀

Also for those of you who like to spout off random nonsense comment without reading, just do me a favor and stop 😀 . Either that or I’ll be forced to start making an idiot of the week….maybe I’ll do that anyways just for funzies!

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  1. alcamadus said,

    Would you like to exchange links to each others blogs? Let me know! Thanks.

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