I want some Reeses Bats

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Currently there’s a big Batman the Dark Knight campaign going on with Reeses. I have finally confirmed that they do in fact sell bat-shaped Reeses cups (Thanks to one of my fave blogs) but I still haven’t gotten any yet. I’m going to the store today just to look for them.

There’s a customized Batman MV Agusta F4 being given away as the grand prize. It looks pretty awesome. There’s a gallery on the Reeses site of the Agusta in production. There are 5 Panasonic home theater systems being given away for the first place prize and 10 limited edition Joker henchman masks for the second place prize. Kitkats are eligible for the giveaway as well but I don’t think they have anything bat-shaped.

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I always wanted to live forever…jk

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Some biochemists in California think that within 10 years they’ll be able to use nanotechnology to put enzymes in water. CoQ10 is an enzyme that our body naturally produces but slowly decreases its production with age.

And yet it’s vital for the body’s basic functioning, as it helps our cells convert sugars to energy.


These biochemists hope that by getting more of this enzyme as well as other vitamins, the average human life expectancy can increase greatly since organs should stay more productive. They’re comparing it to putting iodine in salt in the 1920’s.

I’d just like to point out that Californians get everything first. First it was Pinkberry, then the new Honda FCX Clarity, and now water that makes you live longer? Come on lol. Anyways some of the people that commented on this article I read made very good points. I think I’ll list a few just because I find them entertaining and you can check out the rest for yourself by reading the full article.

1. “Tag this: ‘whatcouldpossiblygowrong?’.”

2. “It’s people! CoQ10 is made of people!!!”

3. “Isn’t this how at least one zombie film started?”

4. “So you start putting a nutrient that your body creates anyway into the drinking water. Your body senses it has enough Coq10 and stops natural production. Boom. Your now an addict.”

5. “Forget nanotechnology. Lets bioengineer a new species of tapeworm that lives in your gut, stops growing after it reaches a preset length, and produces all the vitamins and enzymes that we don’t normally, as long as it gets a steady diet of fats and proteins.
I mean, worst case scenario, it evolves sentience, wraps itself around your brainstem, and makes you talk in a reverb-heavy voice. I could live with that.
Welcome to the Hotel California! You can check out any time you like, but you cant ever leave.”

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Who wants some lavender toothpaste?

July 28, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Food, Random) (, , , , )

I found this site called Breath Palette that sells odd flavors of dental hygiene items. There are 18 flavors of toothpaste alone. I think I’d try the strawberry or the fuji apple flavor but definitely not the monkey banana or cola :P. They also have a flavor 0 that is pH-balancing that chefs use to cleanse their palates.

One of the other things they have available is a smoothie mouthwash to go. How cool is that? I’d love it if my mouthwash tasted like a smoothie :D. They also have zen water mouthwash and a sweet tooth toothpaste. I kinda wonder if this stuff doesn’t give you cavities instead of helping to remove them. But if it does work I’d love to use it. If you were wondering whether your mouth still smells like the flavor afterwards, it doesn’t because they’re all made with menthol to leave your breath fresh and clean.

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Bacon in Lollipops?

July 27, 2008 at 5:05 pm (Food, Random) (, , , , , )

There’s a new online store called Lollyphile and they sell interesting and unique lollipops as they would put it.  Currently the 2 flavors they have on sale are Absinthe and Maple-Bacon.  Both are very strange flavors to have in a lollipop but I guess that’s the whole point of their business.  I’d like to keep watching this site and see what other flavors they come out with.  But they’re kind’ve expensive atm so I hope they get enough business to lower their prices :D.

Anyways check out Lollyphile today.

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Summer “Yum”

July 22, 2008 at 10:54 am (Food, Random) (, , )

So last night I found out that one of my cats doesn’t like peanut butter ice cream and ones does. Go figure. It was ok ice cream but not as good as other flavors. Anyways I found these somewhat gross flavors today. There are some really odd ones in this list so check it out.

Some of my favorites the creepiest ones are:

Squid Ink (Uhm ok?)
Charcoal (Ugh this is like instant lung cancer lol)
Pineapple Shrimp (Come on….seriously)
Peanuts and Wine
Natural Viagra (I dunno if it’s just flavored or what but either way it’s scary)
Dracula Cool Garlic Mint (In case you have vampires after you and still want fresh breath)
Soy Sauce (Actually I might have to try it for fun)
Silk (It’s really made of silk, how strange)
Lettuce and Potato (Eww it’s like potato salad ice cream)
Hot Spring Water (Apparently it smells/tastes like farts so who would want to eat it?)

Squid Ink


















Dracula Cool Mint

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G33k B33r…tasty

July 19, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Food, Random) (, , , )

So I found this G33k B33r at Andersons and it’s really good. It’s basically rootbeer for Bawls but it still has the guarana to make it highly caffeinated. I like it a lot more than I do Bawls normal drinks cuz it seems like they taste metally to me. Anyways, it’s really good so if you like rootbeer go buy some!

I’m also eating some yummy Hello Panda strawberry filled panda cookies.

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Apparently they eat strawberries

July 18, 2008 at 7:19 am (Food, Random) ()

That strawberry is bigger than his head!
That strawberry is bigger than his head!

Apparently someone deemed it necessary to have a wikipedia on what turtles eat. This turtle is super cute though. NOM NOM NOM

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