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May 8, 2009 at 2:48 am (Anime, Final Fantasy xiii, Food, Movie, Ninjas, Pirates, Random, Superheroes, Technology, TV, Uncategorized, Video Games)

I’ve moved my blog over to Here so if you’ve enjoyed my previous posts, head over there for all my new stuff!

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For a whole month!

October 1, 2008 at 10:47 pm (Random, Technology) (, , , , )

So my desktop is finally up and running again! Turns out that there was just one memory stick broken 😛 (and that was the lucky stick that somehow got tested by itself). We’re still not sure whether or not the motherboard was broken in the first place but now I have a new one (and it would be a waste of money to try and return it). Also, last night it was being buggy about whether or not it wanted to connect to the internet which was pretty annoying. I finally got it to connect tonight and then everything started to work again after I reset the computer’s clock. Go figure. Oh and I think it was a few days and a month ago that my desktop copped out on me. So I’ve been without it for at least a month 😛 blek. I had my ghetto little laptop to keep me going though 😀 . I can finally give it a rest haha and oh man does it need to be defragmented. But anyway I need to go to bed seeing as how I have to get up at 7 and all. I’ll make sure to post tomorrow when I get a chance between classes.

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I’m going to Northrend for X-mas!

September 16, 2008 at 10:17 am (Random, Technology, Video Games) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Yesterday Blizzard announced that the Wrath of the Lich king is coming out November 13, 2008. I can’t believe it’s actually coming out this year after how much the Burning Crusade was drawn out. I thought it wasn’t true when I first saw the news on a Digg article. It seems like Blizzard has been getting its butt in gear for the Christmas season though (no doubt hoping for huge sales as X-mas pressies). I do wish they would’ve bumped it to the beginning of December so I wouldn’t have to worry at all about classes, but no it’s got to come out a month before I’m finished. Oh well at least I’m done the 11th. I feel sorry for those saps that go until the 18th haha. This gives me something good to look forward to in terms of things coming out near Christmas seeing as how Harry Potter got bumped forward 😦 .

I wish it cost less than $39.99 for the normal edition too, but it’s still cool to have it coming out this early. The collector’s edition is of course more expensive at $69.99. I’m not going to shell out that kinda cash for the expansion but for those of you that want to go ahead. It contains an art book, behind the scenes dvd, a soundtrack, an exclusive in-game pet, 2 starter decks for the WoW card set March of the Legion which include 2 exclusive cards (only available in the collector’s edition) and a mousepad featuring the continent of Northrend.

I’ve already mentioned some of the game’s new features. The biggest of the news is probably the new Death Knight class which I’ve already mentioned. Now there’s also going to be a non-inventory space to keep your vanity pets and mounts (basically you get to learn these items instead) which makes the Locks and the Pallys not have an advantage from casting their mounts anymore. The same thing goes for PvP and raiding tokens which makes me want to ask Blizzard why it took them so long. There’s also going to be a Battleground that’s not instanced (so that should be a “fun” place to hang out lol 🙂 ). Hopefully it’s in Northrend so nooblets don’t have to worry about being constantly ganked by players in transit. Also, people’s addons will be slightly cut because of the built-in threat meter. This should be helpful to people oblivious of such things.

There’s going to be new instances as well as a fixed-up version of Naxxramas designed for 10 and 25 people. I think that’s really cool since I never got to go to Naxx (that and the fact that it sucks to get more than 25 people to raid anything). I’m excited about having another undead/winter zone too. I also hope that getting exalted with the Netherwing will lead to getting one of those icey dragons as a mount 😀 . One of the bad things is no new playable races. There will be lots of new NPC races that you can talk to though, so I guess that’s something. Enough of my rambling, there is a lot more that’s being added that I didn’t mention so go look and drool at it 😛 .

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Jealous of Australians

September 4, 2008 at 10:05 am (Random, Technology, Video Games) (, , , , , , , , , , )

So today was the day that Spore was supposed to be available to Australia but the stores there started selling it on Monday. Boo I say! We don’t get to see Spore until Sunday and they’ve already been playing for 3 days. Also, Europe and Japan are supposed to get the game tomorrow. I really hope my power supply gets back before Sunday, but knowing my luck it won’t. Either that or something else will be broken in my computer 😦 .

From what I’ve read, Spore has been receiving good reviews, but not as good as expected. I guess that sometimes happens when things get a little too much hype. I’ve also heard that the built-in creatures are a lot less exciting than user-created ones. This isn’t a shocker since people have been buying up the Creature Creator since it became available. I’m really excited for the cell stage though because I’ve played a simple flash version of it already. The flash game was addicting enough. It was fun just to see your cell grow longer and gain more body parts as you ate things. I’ll probably write about it once I get to play the full version. Can’t wait until Sunday!

He's a swimmer!

He's a swimmer!

[Edit: Here’s the amazing flash game I was talking about and here’s a pretty cool flash version of the DS Spore Creature Creator.]

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Google’s new browser wants your soul

September 2, 2008 at 10:48 am (Random, Technology) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

It looks like Google is trying another thing to steal people’s souls without them noticing. The Google Chrome beta will be launching today. They supposedly hit send a bit too early on their announcment and now have a webcomic explaining how Chrome works. I wouldn’t say announcing it yesterday was all that early. I’m surprised there wasn’t an announcement before then seeing as how it could’ve been completely hyped up by now. I guess they thought the secret slip-up would make it more exciting.

Anyway Chrome is Google’s first ever browser designed to run faster and load faster as well as work better with all of the things “that didn’t exist when the first browsers were created.”-Google. It’s also supposed to be more stable, so for Firefox’s sake I hope they put out their hotfix soon. (I die a little inside everytime my Firefox 3 freezes 😦 .) I won’t list all of the features that are supposed to be better because that would be a waste of their dorky little webcomic. [Edit: Also there’s a “privacy mode” included in this browser that lets you browse incognito. As they say in the comic “what happens in this tab stays in this tab.” It uses an example of buying a present for your special someone without them knowing. Basically you can view all your bookmarks but nothing is saved to your browser history. lol is it just me or does this sound like a secret porn tab? 😉 Check out pages 22 and 23 of the webcomic to see what I’m talking about.]

This will make the 4th major alternative browser available. I actually found this chart on Wikipedia showing how many people use each of the major browsers. It’s really sad that so many people still use Internet Explorer. I am forced to at work though so I can understand how that can add up. I’ll probably try and mess around with Chrome once I get my computer fixed. (Stupid power supply had to go and die on Labor Day weekend. 😦 )
Dark blue-Internet Explorer (73.81%)
Orange-Mozilla Firefox (18.43%)
Grey-Safari (6.14%)
Red-Opera (0.71%)
Green-Netscape (0.62%)
Cerulean(aka the color that burns your eyes)-Other (0.29%)

Also I’d like to say sorry about that not really posting since Friday 😦 . I had a really busy weekend doing Labor Day stuff starting on Friday when I had to take care of my fiance after his wisdom teeth surgery.

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10 Cars that probably have 0 crash rating

August 13, 2008 at 2:32 pm (Random, Technology) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

I found an article on Wired showing 10 new concepts for cars of the future. These cars are built to be light and speedy since they’ll need to run on alternative fuels and electricity because the “future will be a place where a gallon of gas costs more than a gallon of Scotch,”-Wired (Chuck Squatriglia) lol. Because of this though, you would probably die if you ever came head-to-head with another car. That’s ok they’re only concepts after all ;). Anyways here’s some of the coolest most dangerous looking ones.

The Airflow

The Airflow

It’s designed by Pierre Sabas. It’s made completely out of glass and has eletric motors that drive the wheels. I like it but I’m pretty sure it’d shatter into a million pieces if a tree branch or rock hit it.



Created by Joonas Vartola this car appears to be the limo of the future. You can see that the passengers ride in a separate section from the driver. It looks like it’s pretty cramped for the driver but very comfy in the back seat.



Paul Howse is the designer of the enigma. His design beats the luxury of the Iomega if you ask me. “…the passenger compartment uses magnetic levitation to isolate it from the rest of the car.”-Wired (Chuck Squatriglia.) That’s definitely the coolest backseat I’ve ever heard of. It also runs off of electricity that it gets through solar panels but would probably snap in 2 if it ever got T-boned.



Last but not least (well maybe) is the Phoenix designed by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva. He compares his design to a motorcycle with a sidecar. It’s supposed to have maximum efficiency by using a turbine in the front with a kinetic axis and electric motors in the back. To me it looks like 2 smaller cars joined up. I dunno how efficient that it can be with all the air rushing through the middle trying to pull it apart. Also the turbine being smack dab in the middle would just cause more drag to the car. I guess it is just a concept but it definitely needs more work.

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Keyboards full of Shiny Appeal.

August 5, 2008 at 1:05 pm (Random, Technology) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

This is definitely the coolest keyboard I’ve seen since the Optimus Maximus Keyboard (Don’t get me wrong the Optimus is pretty amazing). It’s called the Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard and it only costs $199.99 versus the $1,589.99 of the Optimus Maximus. If I had a need for a new keyboard and just happened to have $200 lying around I would definitely get it.

Each key on the Luxeed has it’s own customizable color with 430 LEDs total. You can also program 4 preset patterns that can be activated by the touch of a button. There’s a mode called “Spark” and this allows the keys to light up only when you press them down. I would love that but I don’t know if it would make my eyes bug out while I was typing fast lol.

There are 2 base colors for the keyboard itself, one being black and the other white. The black keyboard isn’t as bright because only the characters light up. The white keyboard has semi-transparent keys so they light up except where the characters are. I would definitely pick the white one :). The numpad isn’t included, nor does it light up. This is kind of depressing but you can buy it separately if you feel the need.

I don’t ever recommend spending $1600 on a keyboard but if that’s your thing go for it lol. Personally I like my Eclipse II LED Backlit Keyboard. All 3 of the keyboards that I mentioned are available at Thinkgeek so take a look at them.

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Winglets look like fun!

August 2, 2008 at 6:51 pm (Random, Technology) (, , , , , , , , )

On Friday Toyota announced their new transportation device.  It’s called the winglet (I definitely like that name over the Segway).  It’s like a lighter version of the Segway seeing how the smallest version weighs only 22 lbs. and can be easily folded up to fit into a bag.  It can only go 3.7 mph vs. the 12.5 mph of the Segway as well.  This is pretty slow so maybe they’ll try to enhance the speed later while still keeping it as compact as possible.  It seems easier to control from the video because the people get the hang of it right away.  There are 3 sizes available currently and it looks like they’ll have a few different colors available as well.  I like the fact that you don’t need the handle to keep it upright and keep moving too.  Here’s some specs available for the current 3 models.

A lot of people are saying it’s the “Segway killer” but until it can move a bit faster I don’t think the Segway will become unpopular at all.  It definitely might get Dean Kamen thinking about ways he can improve upon his design.  But that’s it for the time being.

Here’s a video of it in action. It looks more like the girl is using rollerblades by how she’s moving. I like the idea of that versus steering with your hands like the Segway.

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