Lightning and her cohorts

July 21, 2008 at 9:21 pm (Random, Video Games) (, , , )

So I decided to take a deeper look into the characters of the new Final Fantasy game to see if I could figure out their names yet. I’ve failed so far at finding any names for the supporting 2 characters but I have found some info about them.

Name: Codename Lightning (Real name unknown)
Weapon: Gunblade
Fight Style: She has buttons on her index finger and thumb that allow her to control gravity. This enables her to flip through the air without a second thought. I think it’s really cool that finally someone has a reason for being able to use “matrix-like” abilities.
Background: Apparently she has some sort of amnesia but may have been a past soldier due to the 2 yellow marks on her shoulder symbolizing her rank.

Name: Unknown
Weapon: Bow
Pet: She seems to have a scary little machine bird/badger from the video.
Background: She seems to be a forest person because that’s where she is in the video when her badger friend comes out of a magical golden disc from space (Seem familiar Beast Wars fans?). The fact that her main weapon is a bow also goes along with this theory.

Name: Unknown
Weapon: Rifle
Background: There’s not a lot known about this character so maybe he’s meant to be mysterious similar to Auron from Final Fantasy X. Toriyama said something about his relationship with Lightning being complicated so to me that could mean love interest, rival or just maybe a friend.

Story: In Final Fantasy there’s a space colony called Cocoon which is home to millions of people. Also, there is a place called Pulse located outside Cocoon that the residents of Cocoon are afraid of. They also believe that anyone from Pulse is part of a plot to invade Cocoon. Wow paranoid. There are crystals that protect Cocoon that may be similar to the auracite of the Final Fantasy Revenant Wings ds game. These crystals allow the people to summon machines(possibly like machina from X) and creatures(maybe like the espers in Revenant Wings).

I’d just like to comment that I love the 2nd girls pigtails. Super cute lol. I really want that gunblade as well. Also I think the guy will be like Auron in thinking that he’s a total badass without a need for anyone’s help but his own.

Edit: Before I forget look at this amazing video!

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