Nap Time

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I found some really cool and strange pillows that I thought I’d share. First off is this strange horse head pillow if you want to go Godfather style on anyone. It’s actually kind of cute if you ignore the fact that it’s a chopped off head of a horse 🙂 . You can buy it in the US for $45 and it’s already stuffed or you can pay $35 and stuff it yourself. If I wanted this pillow for any weird reason, I would buy the stuffable one so I could make it as firm or squishy as I wanted 😀 .

Next on the list are these awesome Transformer pillows. You can choose either Autobot or Decepticon pillows for your roboty nap needs. These pillows are $20 at Thinkgeek but I think they’re either out of stock now or not selling them anymore 😦 . Hopefully they come back soon.

Thinkgeek also offers these nifty beating heart pillows. Every time you turn on the pillow it’s supposed to have a unique rhythm of heartbearts specifically to calm you down so you can nap easier. It’s supposed to help out with stress too 🙂 . I kinda wonder how hard the beating mechanism is inside. I would hope there’s enough fluff around it for you to be able to snuggle with the pillow comfortably because from the pictures it looks pretty solid.

Sofa Garden has some really interesting pillows available but they are pretty expensive. For instance, one of their Cigar pillows is $99.99. They also have a whole line of pillows that are breakfast related items. My favorite are the sushi related pillows. You can buy small rolls for $49.99 each and large rolls for $79.99 each (which means I can’t ever have one because I wouldn’t spend that much on a pillow). My favorite is the salmon sushi roll because the little red stripes just make it so fun 😀 .

Last on the list are these blood puddle pillows. They vary in size and shape so that’s pretty cool. It makes sense because you would expect a puddle of blood to be pretty random. I actually saw these and thought that they should make fuzzy green mold pillows since the fuzziness looks a little weird for blood. Also I really love the cute little Husky snuggling with it lol. I could see my cats kneading these pillow with evil looks in their eyes too haha 😀 . Hrmm I’m not sure if you can actually buy these pillows or if they’re just a creation from this artist. Either way, they’re really cool and highly appropriate for Halloween.

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Winglets look like fun!

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On Friday Toyota announced their new transportation device.  It’s called the winglet (I definitely like that name over the Segway).  It’s like a lighter version of the Segway seeing how the smallest version weighs only 22 lbs. and can be easily folded up to fit into a bag.  It can only go 3.7 mph vs. the 12.5 mph of the Segway as well.  This is pretty slow so maybe they’ll try to enhance the speed later while still keeping it as compact as possible.  It seems easier to control from the video because the people get the hang of it right away.  There are 3 sizes available currently and it looks like they’ll have a few different colors available as well.  I like the fact that you don’t need the handle to keep it upright and keep moving too.  Here’s some specs available for the current 3 models.

A lot of people are saying it’s the “Segway killer” but until it can move a bit faster I don’t think the Segway will become unpopular at all.  It definitely might get Dean Kamen thinking about ways he can improve upon his design.  But that’s it for the time being.

Here’s a video of it in action. It looks more like the girl is using rollerblades by how she’s moving. I like the idea of that versus steering with your hands like the Segway.

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