Fruit Salted Plum Suckers

August 11, 2008 at 12:55 pm (Food, Random) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Looking at Thinkgeek today I saw that they had a new product out called Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets. If you eat one of these they’re supposed to make sour things taste sweet. Personally I dunno if I’d want to trip out my taste buds like that. Also, they’re not supposed to have any “harmful” side effects. It’s recommended to dissolve half of a tablet on your tongue but if you suck on the whole tablet the sour-sweet change is stronger. They’re pretty expensive since they cost $19.99. It’s candy people!

After seeing these candies I decided to look up weird foods and found a few worth sharing. First, Seagull wine, take a guess what it is. “Put a seagull in a bottle. Fill with water. Let it ferment in the sun.” – Baby Mouse wine is similar. “Basically a rice wine bottle full of baby mice,” – Except it’s supposed to taste like gasoline. Just what I want to drink gasoline yum.

Scotland has a drink called Irn Bru which I’ve actually tasted. It tastes exactly like pink bubblegum despite it’s bright orange color. Apparently there’s an indoor fair dedicated to it as well. It looks like fun actually.
Edit: [Irn Bru is sold in the US but I think it’s in limited locations. Also if word got out that it’s made from 32 fruit flavors I think Dr. Pepper would be in trouble with it’s 23.]

In my hunt I found more interesting suckers. They’re called Fruit Salted Plum Suckers. They’re coated with a brine salt layer on the outside with a salted chunk of plum (a.k.a. Sabroso) on the inside. I’ve read that the plum is only in the large plum suckers whereas the smaller ones have the plum plastered to the backside. Either way it sounds absolutely disgusting to me :).

I’d much rather have one of these strawberry flamingo suckers :D.
[Edit: Recently these flamingo suckers have been removed from the site 😦 .]


  1. Christine said,

    Dude, we went to Lollicup the first time and they asked Matt what flavor he wanted, and he said he wanted the plum slushy. Well, they told him it was “Asian plum” flavored, which, to me, sounded like an awful choice, but Matt didn’t quite understand what they meant. It ended up tasting like salty pixie sticks, which is what I imagine those suckers probably taste like. Btw, I just watched the Office about the rabies fun run and I lol’ed.

  2. greencs said,

    There’s actually somewhere on the internet where you can listen to Pam’s answering machine message from that episode. It’s freaking hilarious and super long haha. Support the rabid!

  3. Matthew said,

    Okay, salted plum sounds super gross, as Christine mentioned, the plum flavor at Lollicup was super gross, um also, fermenting animals in alcohol also super gross, but random soda festival, awesome. I wanna go. I would also try the flamingo suckers, but I’m not making any promises. Oh, and trippy candy that makes things sweet when they aren’t supposed to be, that’s crack, no good for you.

  4. greencs said,

    lol yeah I read somewhere that the Irn Bru in Scotland isn’t the same as the stuff in the US since it has traces of carcinogens or something. I totally had some there too. I’mma die! Yeah I wouldn’t eat salted plum anyways *bleh* but yeah the trippy candy freaks me out a little too.

  5. akcire29 said,

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